Out-of-water Love For Large Boats, Too!

The benefits of storing a boat out of the water are well known: increased speed and fuel savings, less time spent scrubbing the hull, zero risk of sinking due to a failed bilge pump and no rubbing up against a pier from tide or wake action. Golden Boat Lifts delivers these advantages to owners of large power and sailing vessels with its Eight-Post Lift. Adaptable to a wide range of hull shapes, it readily accommodates boats weighing 32,000–240,000 lbs.

Golden Boat Lifts manufactures its products in the USA in its ISO 9001:2015-certified factory; it’s the only boat lift company to hold such accreditation. It uses only welded 6061 T6 marine grade aluminum and 300-series stainless steel hardware and cables. This attention to superior materials is more than a matter of pride. It’s a commitment to safety—a consideration when hoisting up to 120 tons.

Another aspect of safety are the Golden Sea-Drives. They provide 8,000 in-lbs of torque each and feature double reduction worm gears so there’s no slipping of belts or broken chains. In over 20,000 manufactured, not one has ever failed.

When dealing with large vessels, weight distribution is imperative, so it’s important to fully support the hull. That’s why Golden Boat Lifts uses customized carpeted wood or optional aluminum I-beam or extruded bunks to provide maximum support, whether it’s a monohull or catamaran.

Using a Golden Eight-Post Lift is simply a matter of driving the boat between the heavy-duty adjustable guide post bumpers. They gently lead the vessel into the exact position. Then, with the touch of a button, the Golden Sea-Drives confidently hoist it out of the water.

A large boat is an investment that’s built to last. Golden Eight-Post Lifts come with a 10-year warranty on the Golden Sea-Drives and 15 years on the structural parts.