Kayak Lift Simplifies Launching From Dock, Seawall

Getting in and out of a kayak is tricky enough, but when done from a dock or seawall with fluctuating water levels, it can be downright difficult – even dangerous. Golden Boat Lifts’ Kayak Launch is a simple and effective solution and takes the worry out of launching these boats.

Installation is simple. This lift can be mounted on a wide variety of seawall, dock and deck materials, and takes up little space. To use, paddlers simply use the winch to lower the kayak into the water, descend the ladder and lower themselves into the boat. A grab rail on the water side is used to steady oneself and to push off the lift. Upon return, the kayaker simply guides the craft onto the bunks, climbs out and winches the boat up out of the water.

Fully welded using marine-grade aluminum, the Kayak Launch supports watercraft up to 100 lbs. and the bunks adjust to fit a large range of widths. Built for a saltwater environment, the winch utilizes stainless steel cable. Perfect for tidal locations, two models are available, a 5-step with 4′ of travel and a 7-step with 6′.

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