Keeping a hull clean is either backbreaking work or a never-ending series of yard bills. But it doesn’t have to be. Golden Boat Lifts’ renowned Four-Post Lift accommodates virtually any inboard or outboard vessel up to 56,000 lbs. The boat’s bottom remains free of fouling for maximum speed and fuel economy; scrubbing becomes a non-issue.

Stored safely out of the water, nothing rubs against it from wave and tidal action. And, in the case of a complete power failure, it won’t sink due to a non-functioning bilge pump.

Lesser lifts can exert pressure spots on the hull that may lead to gel coat cracking and structural fatigue. Each Golden Four-Post Lift is configured for the specific vessel. Carpeted wood or optional aluminum bunks cradle the boat, keeping it secure without any undue loads placed on it.

Manufactured in the USA using premium 6061 T6 marine-grade aluminum and 300-series stainless steel hardware and cables, Golden Four-Post Lifts are built to last.

Unlike competitors’ bolted units, all non-adjustable parts are fully welded to ensure maximum rigidity and structural integrity.

Muscle is provided by the Four-Post Lift’s patented Golden Sea-Drive®. The rugged motors deliver a massive 8,000 in-lbs of torque. But with all this brawn, they’re extremely safe.

In over 24,000 manufactured, not one has ever failed—something to consider when handling 56,000 lbs.

Using a Golden Four-Post Lift couldn’t be easier. Adjustable guide post bumpers assist in gently aligning the vessel. With the touch of a button, the boat raises and lowers quickly and confidently.

Golden Boat Lifts offers a wide array of models for vessels up to 240,000 lbs. Its installed and freestanding lifts are CE approved and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. They come with a 15-year warranty on all structural parts and 10 years on the Golden Sea-Drive.

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