Golden Boat Lifts has introduced a significant expansion to its freestanding, solar-powered hydraulic Tornado Boat Lift. Ideal for those who don’t have piles or the seawall needed for a permanent installation, or desire seasonal removal, it’s one of the most adaptable lifts on the market. And now with new 24,000 and 32,000 lb. capacities, it delivers this flexibility to owners of yachts in the 40–45′ range. It makes its Miami Boat Show Debut, February 14–18, booth E390.

Golden manufactures the Tornado in the USA with the flexibility to be easily reconfigured if a different boat is purchased. This is due to its exclusive patent-pending Multi Bunk system. With up to 6′ of lift, it provides optimal, cushioned support without marring paint or gel coat, whether it’s a deep-V, stepped hull, pontoon, catamaran or sailboat.

The Tornado Boat Lift is built to last. Hydraulic cylinders are double epoxy coated with a final coating of polyurea, and its patent-pending Air Bellows surround and protect the shafts. Only marine grade welded aluminum and stainless steel is used. Moving elements such as pivot pins are overbuilt for reliable operation. It’s this dedication to premium American-sourced materials and superior workmanship that has earned Golden Boat Lifts its deserved reputation for long-lived quality.

Using the Tornado Boat Lift is as simple as maneuvering the vessel between the available heavy-duty guide poles with cushion bumpers. With the touch of one of the long-range remote controls, the boat is lifted quickly and effortlessly out of the water. When returning at night, optional LED lighting makes finding the lift foolproof.

The Tornado Boat Lift is solar powered. This eliminates the need for a secondary electrical contractor and speeds the installation process. The 12V DC pump is housed in a lockable fiberglass box.

For boat owners in areas that ice-over in winter, the lift was engineered to be removed from the water. A unique, available retrieval system includes floats and wheels, making hauling easy and trouble-free.

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