Extreme Boat Lifts Installed In The Panama Canal

Martin Flory Group

When the Republic of Panama needed lifts for a pair of its service boats, it turned to industry leader Golden Boat Lifts®. One of the more unique installations completed by the company, it supplied two custom-designed 7,000 lb. capacity Golden Elevator Lifts for use in the Panama Canal. Due to the extreme water rise in the lock, the Elevator Lifts travel 30′- double what is typically needed. Because of this, everything about the project is oversized and overbuilt.

The installation uses custom brackets that actually suspend the tracks from a concrete bulkhead. Golden Boat Lifts is renowned for the quality of its welds, and this project is no exception. For safety reasons, no detail was underestimated; a failure at 30′ could have serious consequences. The workboats are launched and retrieved up to 20 times a day, so the drive motors need to be uncompromising. Each lift has two of the company’s state-of-the-art Golden Sea-Drives®. The gearbox is so reliable, not one in over 18,000 produced has ever failed. Golden Elevator Lifts are ideal for canals, embankments and other narrow locations where pilings are absent. They can be engineered to run true vertical or on a diagonal, as the site demands.

Due to the success of every phase of the project and its final outcome, the Panama Canal has several more installations planned as it continues to expand and update. Its website is www.pancanal.com.

For 30 years, Golden Boat Lifts has been dedicated to building the finest, most reliable boat lifts in the world. It manufactures a wide range of safe and easy-to-operate models for vessels up to 250,000 lbs. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and CE approved.

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