The Golden Deck Lift may be the safest and most convenient way to store a boat—and certainly the most attractive. Offering up to 360° walkaround access, it’s similar to having it on a trailer. But instead of contending with a dock or launch ramp, at the push of a button, a portion of the deck descends and lowers the vessel into the water. Raised, the deck and integrated boat lift become a seamless extension of the waterside property.

Even with hull side doors and stern platforms, boats can often be difficult to board, especially when they’re moving due to waves. Piles, dock lines and shore power cords are all obstacles adding to the challenge. With the Golden Deck Lift, it’s simple for those of nearly any age and agility level to embark. For vessels with taller gunwales, Golden offers optional temporary stairs to assist.

The benefits of storing a boat out of the water are well known: less time scrubbing the hull and waterline, which allows for greater speed and mileage, and little chance that the vessel will sink if the power fails. And with the Golden Deck Lift, when it’s time for loading/unloading gear and routine tasks, there’s no substitute for the unprecedented access the lift offers.

Like parking a car on a driveway, using the Golden Deck Lift is fast and easy. The boat is driven into position and the deck raised. Guideposts and lighting can be added to provide visual orientation from a distance or in dim conditions.

Custom-built using stainless steel and fully-welded 6061 T6 marine-grade aluminum, the Golden Deck Lift can be decked in a variety of maintenance-free composite materials and colors to match the surrounding décor. For environmentally sensitive areas, an anti-slip grated material allows sunlight to filter through for native aquatic plants to flourish.

The Golden Deck Lift is ideal for everything from kayaks and PWCs to center consoles with multiple outboards or large inboard cruisers. Custom bunking securely cradles virtually any shaped monohull or catamaran. 

Vessels are lifted by the robust power of the Golden Sea-Drive®. Each of the patented drives (U.S. Patent No. 7,850,147) delivers 8,000 inch-lbs. of torque. Incredibly safe, they cannot back drive and accidentally drop the lift. The Golden Deck Lift is backed with industry-leading warranties: 15 years on structural parts and 10 on the Golden Sea-Drive.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, Golden Manufacturing is the global market leader in aluminum boat lifts, and aluminum and floating concrete dock solutions. It has a second distribution warehouse outside of Seattle, Washington to serve the west coast and Hawaii, and a global network of over 190 dealers.

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