Video And Catalog Cover Finest Boat Lifts In The World

Martin Flory Group

Whether it’s for a kayak or a 125-ton yacht, Golden Boat Lifts provides a way to raise watercraft of all sizes out of the water – and lower them back in again quickly and safely. Now available online, Golden Boat Lifts’ new catalog details the variety of different systems geared to keep boats cleaner and last years longer. The 23-page catalog also explains the company’s innovative design and expert engineering that keeps the lifts performing year after year. The brochure is available for free download at

While visiting the company’s home page, consumers are invited to view the video that shows what makes Golden Boat Lifts different – and better – than the competition. Both the catalog and the video emphasize the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, manufacturing boat lifts that are welded – not bolted – to the same standards as such companies as Mercedes Benz. All this while providing lifts that are affordable and backed by a 15-year warranty.

The brochure and video also explain how the lifts use aluminum bearings with grease fittings and gear boxes incorporated directly to the drive shafts. Viewers will learn how Golden’s maintenance-free, double-reduction gear box has no belts to slip or chains to break.

Contact Golden Boat Lifts, 17611 East St, North Fort Myers, FL 33917. 888-909-5438 or 239-337-4141. [email protected];