Single Pile Boat Lift Raises PWC, Small Boats

Martin Flory Group

When space is at a premium and only a single pile is available to mount a boat lift, owners of PWC, and small runabouts, center consoles and RIBs rely on Golden Boat Lifts’ Golden 3K Single Track Lift. It raises 3,000 lbs. with ease, and keeps watercraft clean and protected.

The Golden 3K Single Track Lift is built with an exclusive extruded double I-beam for superior stability and load distribution fore and aft, and side to side. With a heavy-duty cradle assembly, it’s so solid, it’ll accommodate up to a 7′ beam.

Unlike some lifts, each Golden 3K Single Track Lift is a perfect fit for the individual watercraft. The pipe structure will fit angles from 45–90 degrees and has adjustable guide pole bases. It comes with heavy-duty rollers, a boxed trunk cover, and standard wood or optional aluminum bunks.

The lifts come with a Golden Sea-Drive, the leading gearbox in the industry. It produces an impressive 8,000 in-lb of torque on the 3.5″ winder and overbuilt 4″ pulley with 3/4″ axle. With an aluminum die-cast enclosure, the dual worm gear reducers assure the unit will never unexpectedly back drive and drop the boat. Golden Sea-Drive comes with a 10-year warranty, but is so reliable, not one drive in 18,000 manufactured has ever failed.

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