Located on picturesque Marco Island, Florida, Breezy Point Condominiums offer stunning views and easy access to the water. The condo owner’s association recently renovated its waterfront, including adding 18 new boat lifts. In an effort to increase property value, and create a clean and open appearance, they chose the GatorVator™ from industry leader Golden Boat Lifts.

Naples, Florida-based Garland & Garland Marine Construction was the contractor. The scope of the project included rebuilding the entire 630′ seawall, constructing new docks with utilities and laying brick paver walkways. Final landscaping was slightly delayed due to Hurricane Irma.

“The condo association spent over a year researching the boat lift,” said Garland & Garland vice-president Alex Garland. “They looked at shows and spoke to numerous manufacturers before landing on Golden’s GatorVator lift.”

With capacities up to 30,000 lbs., the GatorVator lift doesn’t have a crossbeam that clutters the view. Mounted low on three or four piles, it allows for bow-to-stern leveling for easy drainage. Engineered for perfect port/starboard alignment, it’s also simple and fast to use, especially with the remote control.

Breezy Point chose a 14,000 lb. capacity with dual state-of-the-art Sea-Drives®. The motors are so reliable, in over 18,000 manufactured, not one has ever failed — an important safety factor considering the family nature of the condominiums. Likewise, the GatorVator is manufactured in the USA using only premium materials for a long life and ultimate reliability.

Since 1965, Garland & Garland has been a trusted leader in marine construction throughout Collier County, Florida. With a fleet of floating and land-based equipment, it specializes in custom-built docks, seawalls, rip rap, and boat lift installation. Its website is

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